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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hail To Chicago

I just had a thought. What would the history of the Democratic be without the City of Chicago? In 1933 Guiseppe Zangara attempted to assassinate President-elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Miami, Florida. Then Chicago Mayor Anton Joseph Cermak took one of the bullets that eventually caused his death. FDR didn't bolt away; they put Mayor Cermak back in the car and rushed him to the hospital. Without Cermak, the New Deal may never have existed. On a side note, one friend mentioned to me the other day that many medical historians now say that Roosevelt may not have had Polio, but instead a rare nerve disease that would not have been identified then. The name escapes me at the moment.

Second, if it were not for the old Chicago motto of "vote early, vote often, vote for a deceased relative" (not that I would advocate that) John F. Kennedy may not have been elected in 1960. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson possibly would never have been president. Would we have had a president that could have pushed Civil Rights as effectively? Of course, would we have been that involved in Vietnam?

Just a quick thought...


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