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The Tally Ho

Thursday, September 02, 2004


I spent most of last night grocery shopping and sipping Chimay, but man - Zell Miller. This was Mr. Marshall's opinion:
But just on a pure political level it didn't seem to me like the sort of speech the planners would want in prime time. There's a lot of rage and anger in that man -- and I can't imagine a viewer coming to that speech with an open and politically-uncommitted mind who wouldn't wonder where it was from. The tone struck me as a bit ranting and wild, barking and angry, with Miller channeling some mix of Heart of Darkness and Deliverance, which I can't quite decipher but did not want to be near.
. He has more.

My first cup of tea this morning was a dud. My fault, and hopefully not a sign of the rest of the day to come. In honor of the last day of the RNC Convention, I think I will wear a name tag that says "Economic Girly Man."

Kos diarist SteinL wondered if the GOP fell into some trap by Kerry. He is basing this on the tone and content of the RNC Convention. I don't think that this was some planned trap, but I would agree with some of the comments that the ranting and anti-Kerry while trying to be positive that we've turned the corner is not going to come off all that well with undecided voters. Or at least, I hope it doesn't.


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