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The Tally Ho

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bush: Kerry wants to expand government

While I have very little expectations of big corporate media actually being journalists, this one is just funny. In CNN's Bush: Kerry wants to expand government they don't happen to mention that the government under Mr. Bush's watch has dramatically increased. He represents the new Republican Party, Big Government conservatives. Considering we are an industrialized nation that wants a large military - we have a big government. But this article doesn't even mention the Bush increase, or his budget shortfall, or how much of the deficit is from his tax cuts. Even in the opening paragraph:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Seeking to gain ground against John Kerry, President Bush said Thursday that his Democratic opponent "wants to expand government" in education, health care, taxes and virtually every other area of domestic policy.

What was NCLB? PATRIOT Act? Medicare Prescription Drug Program? How about this for an article: "Kerry Proposes Way to Fund Bush's Commitments". Though I like the title of this article covering Kerry.


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