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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

BBC World Service Interview

Wow, I just heard an interview with Prime Minister Tony Blair. The interviewer actually asked tough questions to Mr. Blair, which he answered - without getting nasty. If our media gave Mr. Bush the questions and treatment that Mr. Blair is routinely given by the BBC, that would be a show. If I find a link I will post it. For me Mr. Blair has been a disappointment. While I wouldn't have labeled myself a "Blair Democrat" or a "Labour Democrat", until the run up to the Iraq War I viewed him in a very positive light. At least he is able to admit and apologize for the WMD claims, but he still insists the removal of Mr. Hussein was necessary. Maybe he feels he has to do that, but either way the war in Iraq is unforgivable. Perhaps one day it will be viewed as successful or something that had to be done at that moment - but I doubt it. James Fallows and others have documented how Iraq has taken the resources away from rebuilding and securing Afghanistan, and the GWOT. This has been ran by incompetents.

Perhaps part of Mr. Kerry's agenda tomorrow evening will be to put Bush on the defensive enough that he gets a little nasty while smirking. Then again, all we will probably hear from Mr. Bush is "freedom... fear... terr'a..."


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