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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

WS: Keyes to a Fiasco

Weekly Standard contributor Mike Murphy has an article titled Keyes to a Fiasco: Illinois Republicans decide to make a bad situation worse (thanks to the poster, The Other Steve, on Good Intentions). In this article, Murphy writes:
Since then the increasing desperate Illinois Republican have careened off one non-starter, down-market candidate idea to another with Chicago Bears coaching legend Mike Ditka being the last Big Idea. That fizzled and now they've got Keyes. I'd pity them, except you must remember: They invited Keyes to run. One can only lament that there was no humble state representative or local official public spirited enough to take the great honor of the Illinois Republican party's U.S. Senate nomination and proudly run with it. Instead the Illinois GOP has reached into the remainder bin and allowed a serious nomination to become a cheap and cynical exercise that will only hurt and embarrass the party. Republicans in the land of Lincoln should know better.

More about Keyes from Josh Marshall.
I think we may have a winner for the feeblest endorsement of Alan Keyes from a prominent Illinois Republican. In this vaguely Sovietological nod, Cong. Ray LaHood (R-IL) says, "If the party believes he's the best candidate for the race, then I'm with him."

With rather more gusto, Republican Jim Oberweis, who lost out to Jack Ryan in the GOP Senate primary called the Obama-Keyes race "a debate between good on the right and evil on the left" which I take it amounts to an endorsement.

-- Josh Marshall

In another post by Marshall, he writes:
If anyone thought that Alan Keyes was going to start marching around Illinois spouting clownish bombast and giving Barack Obama a chance to play the statesman in the face of the Illinois GOP's cynical nonsense, boy do they have another thing coming.

In case you missed it, Keyes commented that Obama's position on partial birth abortion was the "slaveholder's position." I don't get why the IL GOP wants to run an out of state wingnut for a seat they will definately lose. Are they telling us that there are no moderates or true conservatives in either the state House or Senate worthy or running? Is this suppose to convince moderate IL voters that the IL GOP is serious?

Update: Check out the polling numbers on Obama vs. Keyes via Survey USA. This was before the Keyes announcement and is registered voters.

Obama 67%
Keyes 28%

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