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The Tally Ho

Friday, August 06, 2004

Traveling: Usually Not Fun

I don't leave my island too often, but when I do it is always memorable (and often miserable). In June, I flew to a wedding in Ohio. While the actual flight wasn't bad, and the man I sat next to was quite interesting, leaving New York was awful. A storm arrives while on the tarmac and we become #54 in line for take off. The way they organized the planes on the tarmac, the left side of our plane was in the exhaust path of a turbo prop. Those of us in the back of the plan inhaled wonderful fumes and listened to people complain. Luckily my trusty moveable bar (it was only serving Jameson) was a few feet away and the only other person had interesting stories about working around the world. It was a fine compliment to a bad beginning.

Next travel experience was a few weeks ago, as I wrote about. "On either end of vacation partying were two flights. The first was worst flight I have ever been on. It was set to depart 4:30ish, we didn't actually board until about 11pm. While waiting we were treated with the greatest cancellation announcement ever! "For those of you flying to Indianapolis and then to Los Angeles, you aren't going to Los Angeles. Please go to the ticket counter and reschedule." My plane was said to have been sent to Baltimore, but somehow when it arrived it came from Pittsburgh. Anyhow, after the long delay and several interesting conversations we boarded the plane. Twenty minutes into the flight a passenger trying to get around a flight attendant decided to lower his shoulder than push him onto two passengers an exit row. The attendant went flying, then popped up and was ready to knock this guy out. The passenger was chased to the bathroom and didn't come out for an hour. Next the attendant was considering having the plane turned around to have him arrested in New York! Everyone in our section freaked out and was willing to bribe him to be arrested in Chicago, not New York. After 7 hours of delays, no one was in a mood to return to New York. About a half hour later, after being stuck in that terminal for 8 hours with no food, no AC, nothing... a monster headache set in.... the rest of a blur." My return trip from Chicago wasn't nearly as bad; I just landed at 12:40am instead of 10:20pm.

My latest summer travel was on Tuesday. Snoozer is leaving New York for San Diego, and instead of flying she wanted to rent a car and do the cross country thing. Needing a week or so away from the heat of the city, I gladly accepted her offer. We set out at 8am on our seven state, one day trip. All was going great. The Snoozer and her lead foot buzzed through midtown like a cabby without a care for her passenger, through the Holland Tunnel, and West on I-78. We switched right before I-76, which by the way is a beautiful drive. Pennsylvania is my favorite state in the North East, Mid-East to drive through. Somewhere between where West Virginia ends and Ohio starts traffic comes to a standstill. The Snoozer and I travel about 25 miles in the next 2.5 hours. Though, we were not without entertainment. Besides the Snoozer cursing whatever state we were in, we saw a great automobile, a GTO... complete with driver! He walked around with his shirt untucked and unbuttoned (gold necklace with a horn of some kind), talking to woman in a mini-van. The Snoozer got checked out by a creepy guy in a truck... and we eventually went through this small town named St. Clairesville. So what we planned on being a 12.5 hour or so trip turned into a 15 hour trip. Despite the length and the standstill, it was still a great time and a lot of time to chat, sing along, and not have to be anywhere we didn't want to be... and despite the late arrival to our destination, libations were still had. It was by far the best travel experience of the summer.

Snoozer picked up a friend in St. Louis and is now many hours past Santa Fe. I already miss her.


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