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The Tally Ho

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Tea: Glorious Tea

This deserves its own blog post. My brother, on his way back from Dublin, stopped in last night. He brought me Bewley's Darjeeling and Earl Grey. I just took a sip of the Darjeeling and I thought of his comment about the Bewley's store in Dublin,
Certainly Bewley's is the center of civilization

I will use the Earl Grey for iced tea. Anyway, this is a fine tea. Right up there with my usual PG Tips, Barry's, and Lifeboat. I underestimated the strongness... I shall have a second pot!

Sunday Baseball
BoSox couldn't hold on to their lead. Cubs come back in the 7th to win. Of note, Nomar was 1 for 4. Timlin and Embree couldn't hold the game for the BoSox and get Pedro a much deserved win. Why did they lose (not blaming a Cabrera error)? Nomar was traded, Nixon is out, and Ortiz just started a five game suspension. What does that mean? The Red Sox have no punch in the line-up.

A Beautiful Sight for Cubs Fans

After all those years of stinking, it seems as if they really do want to win...


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