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The Tally Ho

Sunday, August 01, 2004

MTP/CNN Late Edition/Scanning the Blogs

Meet the Press this morning featured Senators Zell Miller (Useless- GA) and Joe Biden (D-DE). Miller was sad as usual, and I actually think at one point he said that the party of diversity was the GOP... other great exchanges between Russert and Miller, Miller was complaining about Sen. Kerry's voting record which prompted Russert to point out that he and Kerry basically identical records on defense measures. Miller really had nothing to say. Biden talked more about his Iraq vote and why instead of explaining Kerry's rationale for his votes and countering the claims that Miller made a few minutes previously.

CNN featured McConnell and Lieberman. You know what to expect from McConnell, but here too, I felt that Lieberman failed to counter the attacks on Kerry. Biden disagreed with Miller, and countered with his own opinions while Lieberman basically echoed the GOP stance and called an end to the partisanship. Howard Dean at least mentioned the possibility of using fear for politics - but more importantly he voiced his displeasure in the total vagueness of the warnings we receive. This is not something that Lieberman even discussed.

Especially after the Democratic Convention, I would have expected Democrats on the Sunday morning shows to be a little more hard hitting in response to the attacks on Kerry.

On The Blogfront

Did anyone else surf by Steve Gilliard's blog recently? I found this, The emeny of the good... while I may not agree with all of it, he raises some good points and there are decent comments.


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