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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Tonights Reaction

I watched CSPAN for the Edwards speech and flipped between Matthews and Lehrer afterwards. A couple quick observations:

1) Zell Miller scares me. But what I thought was interesting is when asked out of cultural issues, military issues, or economic issues, what will Georgia vote on? Miller said that military and cultural issues were number 1 and 2. Economic issues came in last. I would like to hear a Georgian reaction. But according to Miller, it isn't the economy, stupid.

2) John Edwards made no reference to a God in his speech. Talking about cultural wars, while Edwards talked about families and values and responsibility, the religious talk was absent. Are Democrats now running as the secular party?

3) The anti-war left, get ready to be disappointed. Military spending will not drastrically decrease in the next few years under Kerry/Edwards. More troops may be sent to Iraq, and certainly more peace keeping missions.

4) Edwards was good. He will be very good against Cheney, and on talking to families. But as good as he was, I still think Obama and Big Dog were the two highlights thus far.


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