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The Tally Ho

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Singed Eyebrows

So, while I was cooking cajun shrimp for the Rooster tonight in honor of her leaving me for California - I lost some hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. How you ask? Well my oven sucks and refused to light. So naturally since I am a dumb ass - I had it set for 400 degrees... i opened the bottom to see if it actually lit and a flame shot out and burned my head! My apartment smelled like, well, burning hair! That fire trap is gone first thing Monday morning! Anyway, since I need humor other than Sparkey I give you these (Jen loves her mom)

1) This Land
2) Right Wing Squares

Both Silly... but after happy hour and a bottle of wine, burning hair, and a promise of breakfast tomorrow if I help lug boxes to the post office, I will deal...

By the way, I am reading a great book:

The Time Travelors Wife by Audrey Niffeneggger. So far I have enjoyed every minute.


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