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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I Can't Help Myself

From the CBS News. Nader says:
"I would like to see the bazaar. I'd like to see the alcoholic-musical-political payoff bazaar of accounts receivable," Nader said. "I would like to be there at the convention to watch. I will try to get credentials… I may try as a syndicated columnist, which I've been for 35 years. Let's see if they are against reporters."

Interesting, but according to the NY Times reporters outnumber delegates 6 to 1. How many more delegates until Ralph is convinced the DNC isn't against reporters? But why would you show up in Boston, Ralph? You are running against Kerry, same as Bush. Then again...nevermind, why is he running again? Right, progress. Too bad the perfect or absolute ideal is the enemy of progress. Losing with Nader or winning with Kerry... what brings more progress, (sarcasm)since Kerry and Bush are the same, right(/sarcasm)? I respect not wanting to vote Democrat or Kerry. But vote Green then, not for Ralph Nader's ego. 5% was a pipe dream in 2000, and will be in '04. But if you are a committed Green, that is great. Work the local and state elections. Make a difference in the zoning laws, school boards, etc. After all, isn't it the state and local government that effect our lives the most?

From the Onion:


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