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The Tally Ho

Monday, July 26, 2004

Big Dog Returns

And Carter Throwing Punches

How about Clinton's speech tonight? Give that man first class tickets to Florida, Ohio, Philly, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Tennessee... I thought he was excellent in explaining the key differences between the Bush Rightwing Ideology and the Pragmatic Idealistic common sense approach of Kerry.
They think the role of government is to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of those who embrace their political, economic, and social views, leaving ordinary citizens to fend for themselves on matters like health care and retirement security. Since most Americans are not that far to the right, they have to portray us Democrats as unacceptable, lacking in strength and values. In other words, they need a divided America. But Americans long to be united. After 9/11, we all wanted to be one nation, strong in the fight against terror. The president had a great opportunity to bring us together under his slogan of compassionate conservatism and to unite the world in common cause against terror.

Clinton later continues:
We Americans must choose for President one of two strong men who both love our country, but who have very different worldviews: Democrats favor shared responsibility, shared opportunity, and more global cooperation. Republicans favor concentrated wealth and power, leaving people to fend for themselves and more unilateral action. I think we’re right for two reasons: First, America works better when all people have a chance to live their dreams. Second, we live in an interdependent world in which we can’t kill, jail, or occupy all our potential adversaries, so we have to both fight terror and build a world with more partners and fewer terrorists. We tried it their way for twelve years, our way for eight, and then their way for four more.

A good Clinton quote:
"Wisdom and Strength are not opposing values"

- William Jefferson Clinton

While Clinton was highlighted, Carter's speech probably had the most hard hitting criticisms of BushCo. Carter said:
Today, our dominant international challenge is to restore the greatness of America—based on telling the truth, a commitment to peace, and respect for civil liberties at home and basic human rights around the world. Truth is the foundation of our global leadership, but our credibility has been shattered and we are left increasingly isolated and vulnerable in a hostile world. Without truth—without trust—America cannot flourish. Trust is at the very heart of our democracy, the sacred covenant between the president and the people.

When that trust is violated, the bonds that hold our republic together begin to weaken. After 9/11, America stood proud, wounded but determined and united. A cowardly attack on innocent civilians brought us an unprecedented level of cooperation and understanding around the world. But in just 34 months, we have watched with deep concern as all this goodwill has been squandered by a virtually unbroken series of mistakes and miscalculations. Unilateral acts and demands have isolated the United States from the very nations we need to join us in combating terrorism.

You can read Carter's whole speech here, and Clinton's here. Tomorrow I am looking forward to hearing Mrs. Kerry and Barack Obama, the future Illinois Senator. If you don't know about him, he is a very interesting guy. Illinois' other great Senator is Richard Durbin.

Thought: The Dems seemed to keep on message tonight. Now hopefully this continues the rest of the week and through November. I will be very disappointed if the center-left and left self destruct now.


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