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The Tally Ho

Monday, June 28, 2004

Who Loves Their HMO?

So I get home around 10pm tonight from a rather long day. In my mailbox is a letter from my health care provider and a post card from my father. Thinking that this would be a great mail day, a hello from Paris and a nice reimbursement check, I opened it with glee. I was denied the truely magical experience of an easy relationship with my health care provider. The explanation of not reimbursing me was this: "BENEFIT EXCEEDED". For further explanation I checked the code chart on the back, "The maximum benefit for this service has been paid." So I will call tomorrow and see what the hell that means, because they haven't sent me a damn check for this! One thing I do not lose track of is money owed to me. I wonder if they will tell me that my policy changed and I am SOL for the last quarter of a year.

Update 29 June 2004, 10:50am: They should be denied communion... I don't need no stinking benefits! I love my, I love my, I love my HMO!


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