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The Tally Ho

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Philly Daily News/Rally

Our favorite law student, Jen of Good Intentions, posted this Kerry endorsement from the Philadelphia Daily News (Jen lists the sign in as iloveregistration@aol.com & helpme).
In that spirit, this newspaper, the first in the nation, endorses John Kerry for president. Unlike the current White House occupant, Kerry can lead America to a brighter, better future. He has shown the personal courage, compassion, intellect and skill to lead this country in a time of war abroad and economic troubles at home. He is a serious man for a serious time.

It is too long to post the whole opinion, but as Jen points out, not only do they make a case against Bush and for Kerry, but they also a strategy to beat Bush - and where to get registered to vote.
The goal is to find among those 4 million non-voters new Kerry supporters and get them to register by Oct. 4 and then vote on Nov. 2. In this goal, the Philadelphia region is crucial.

While the rest of the state tilts heavily Republican, Philadelphia has a rich vein of Democratic votes, which has not always been mined. It's because of Philadelphia voters that Clinton and Gore have won the state in the past.

In other news, we have an excluse photo from a fringe candidates rally in a not so alternative universe...


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