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The Tally Ho

Monday, June 14, 2004

Nico News!

Well, well. The Return of the King was short one. If you have been following the life of Nico in Paris these last few months, you would have read many of his posts about being a student, the EU expansion and follow up, Iraq & Europe, politics, more politics, the US being an Orwellian society, about his life in Paris and falling in love, and a suggestion for alternative plans to travel Europe (probably more in the archives).

Well, I have great news. Nick got engaged! 14 months from now, in Paris, Nick is getting married. He has to spend 10 months in the US fulfilling obligations before he can relocate to Paris permanently. So anyway, congrats to Nick. He is traveling and does not have access to the internet at all times.

Nick, to quote my bro: “Dude, getting married is expensive.”


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