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The Tally Ho

Monday, June 07, 2004

In the Office and Jealous

So, I just got an email from a friend touring parts of Europe - currently in Galway, Ireland. This brought back all the great memories of my two week Ireland trip four years ago with my father, brother, and god-brother. Not even this incredibly comfortable chair can change the fact that, I am seriously jealous.
Hello Everyone!!!
Tony and I are safely in Europe and are officially having fun. We first landed in London and spent three days there. We had tea and scones ... :) and we saw sites like Kensington Palace and live choir music at St. John's Cathedral. Then we took the Britrail to Ireland, which was a beautiful train ride through Wales, and then a ferry across the Irish sea. Then we spent three days in Dublin. We saw the Morrisey show in Dublin Castle and we saw some of the sites like Trinity College and the Guiness Storehouse. Last night I danced to live Irish music in pub and drank Guiness :) Today, we are in Galway, Ireland. This area is really different than Dublin and a little less Big City than Dublin...It's really nice here. I wish you could be here with me. We will see the cliffs tomorrow. We will be heading to Paris and Nice in about three days. Well anyways, Internet here in Europe is soooo expensive so I better go ...bye for now... Love, Terra


Too much to say about my own experience...


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