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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Frozen Fried Potato a "Fresh" Vegetable?

Now this article by is just silly. The USDA considers frozen french fries a fresh vegetable. This is sad. I mostly eat fruit and vegetables, but I don't count french fries as a real vegetable. I once took a course in college about the Colubian Exchange. This prof made a joke one day that only in America would we peel off the most nutritional part of the potato leaving the pulp, then fry it, and consider it a healthy food. But that was probably seven years ago - and I never thought that he was being that serious...
Tim Elliott, a Chicago attorney who recently challenged the revision in a Texas federal courtroom on behalf of a bankrupt food distributor, said defining French fries as fresh vegetables defied common sense.

"I find it pretty outrageous, really," said Elliott, who argued that the Batter-Coating Rule is so vague that chocolate-covered cherries, packed in a candy box, would qualify as fresh fruit.

"This is something that only lawyers could do," Elliott said, pointing to a stack of legal documents debating the French fry change. "There must be 100 pages there about something you could summarize in one paragraph: Batter-coated French fries are not fresh vegetables."

This got me thinking about an article from the May/June Harvard Magazine that I found on Arts and Letters Daily several weeks ago titled “They Way We East Now” by Craig Lambert. It is somewhat long, but nonetheless a good read about health. I will also take this opportunity to shamelessly plug Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me.


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