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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What's Another $25 Billion?

Who is searching for reasons NOT to be American at this point? I've been thinking, and I thought that maybe I'm a bit harsh on Americans, foreign policy, education, and BushCo. Afterall, even my French counterpart finds a couple redeeming factors amongst us in her weak moments. Then, as I was starting to think that we aren't really that bad, I take a look at the headlines...impending proposal for an additional $25 Billion in "Defense Spending." First, exactly what are we defending? Second, it was mentioned that "war costs exceed expectations." What were our expectations? Were they based on significant, realistic planning?...every article I have read says they weren't. So, we're "stuck in a moment we can't get out of" (thanks Bono) and no one in the world wants to be there with us...I wonder why? Regardless, I am writing a research thesis on international education in America. So, what would the nation's educators do with $25 Billion in additional funds this year? Would America be a better place in the long-term? I can't even recall what the total cost of this "war on terrorism" is (as I don't have time to adequately research to write in the Blog) but our defense spending is out of hand. What I find amazing is that the voting base buys into this "crusade." Look around, we've lost our international allies, we still have an increasingly second-class education system, we still have no real public healthcare, we still have limited government programs for the poor, we have deficit-spending states who can't afford transportation infrastructure, we have an aging power system, we have real social and moral issues to address, we have a topsy-turvey economy, we have a slumping job market, we have increasing costs of living, we have an exploding deficit, etc, etc, etc. Yet, BushCo is favored with decent job approval figures and personality support. What has this administration done for the American people (apart from the $500 I get on my tax refund)? And, while we're digging ourselves a hole to oblivion, what's another $25 Billion?


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