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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Trying Things Out

Blogger software really makes this easy. One hardly has to know HTML to put together a blog – only need to know it to change font size, colors, etc.

I miss Nico. He has disappeared. I know Nick had computer problems, and then another issue involving his computer, but he lives in Paris. Since I haven’t seen him on IM or Skype (internet telephone – Free!) in weeks, I haven’t heard from him. BTW, Skype is a real nice program. I would call him, but the reality is I only use a cell phone – and while I have the urge to use call him right now, its 2:19am in Paris. Maybe Nicky took his own advice...

In any case, last week I went to see Ida (turn off popup blocker) with Naysayer and 801 at the Knitting Factory. I had a good time, as usual. Even if the music wasn’t your thing it was for a good cause, Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls.

A few days later I saw two local bands at the Luna Lounge. Both Mercury Stars and Loaded Dreams were fun despite the long day of work with little sleep, a gathering in Brooklyn, and the well proportioned glass of Jameson that pushed me further into a nice blissful calm.

Lets see how this post comes out on the new template…


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