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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Student Life

For those of you who live it and for those of you who aren't too old to remember it, it is that time of year again. Yes, you know. It is Spring finals. Term papers, theses, exams, projects, etc, etc, etc...they seem to pile on top of one another. But, this posting is less about such tasks/projects/events but more in reaction to a conversation I had with Steve the other day. It is prompted because of the effects that this time of year has on the psyche and the lives of students. A French magazine that I often read (the title slips my mind currently as there are several free publications distributed at University) featured an article last week discussing these very effects. To paraphrase in a quote (as direct translation is somewhat difficult), "It is the time of year again. The time when everyone bought their spring fashions, girls begin to look sexy, and guys work to attract them. Then comes exams and papers. Spring fashions are forgotten, social life disappears, and even the best couples fight almost to the point of separation over the smallest, petty disagreements. But, we know that this will pass. In two months, there will be no more papers, girls will be sexy again, boys will chase girls, and couples will be back in love. We just have to wait and hope our lives survive that long." Too true. It seems like everyone I know is pulling out his or her hair, stressing about their tasks, graduation, jobs, relocation, etc. Then, their stress bleeds into their relationships and friends and lovers quarrel endlessly. Steve mentioned that this is not simply a French phenomenon--I think it applies to all students who take their studies, and themselves, seriously. So, with six weeks to go, I, like my peers, am just holding on and hoping that I can survive long enough to get my life back. Likewise, good luck to all of my fellow students out there...



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