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The Tally Ho

Thursday, May 27, 2004


At the end of last week people had put signs in various places trying to find out if anyone had seen 21-year-old Sarah Fox, a student at Julliard. She was last seen leaving her apartment to go for a jog. By Saturday, and again on Monday, I noticed that her friends and/or family had hit just about every bus stop and subway stop I saw with new signs offering a $10,000 reward. After seeing all of these signs I commented to my buddy that she must have had friends that cared a great deal for her. A few months ago I remember similar signs for another young woman who eventually turned up and everything was fine. When I checked the local news tonight on my way out, I read that Sarah Fox was found in Inwood Hill Park. The police are treating her death as a homicide. I feel terrible for all of her friends and family that plastered the city with posters and searched the parks hoping to find her. It is just something you hate to read. There is not much else to say.


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