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Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Nature of the American People

The following is a post from Fray, the poster is Trope. Here is the link (text below).


"I shared a deep disgust that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated," Mr. Bush said. "Their treatment does not reflect the nature of the American people." He added that the actions of a handful of soldiers should not taint the tens of thousands who serve honorably in Iraq. Mr. Bush emphasized that the investigation into the case was moving ahead. "I think they'll be taken care of," he said.
(Quoted from a NYTimes.com article, 05/01/04)

Such is my addiction to blogs that when I read this quote on my daily email news digest, I looked around for the "Comment" link. 'Cause as we all know, any good webpage nowadays has a comments feature. Not finding one, I guess I'll just comment here.

Mr. Bush, these photos, by definition, DO reflect the nature of American people. American people are sometimes cruel and unthinking and ignorant of JUST HOW HUMILIATING these actions may be to prisoners of a certain religious background. Being "the American people" does not confer upon us any special moral privilege. These photos and the well-deserved shame surrounding them only serve to illustrate that.
Your statement today serves your role as a politician, not as a commander-in-chief. A politician immediately jumps up to the microphone spewing promises to his audience in hopes of currying favor. "I think they'll be taken care of," indeed. A real commander-in-chief would call the offending American soldiers, IN PERSON, and ask for their resignation. (This is precisely why the term "dishonorable discharge" was created.)He would then go to the prison (or send someone acting on his behalf) to institute more humane treatment and offer apologies to the families of those soldiers who were humiliated in public. Those soldiers who we saw stripped naked are men serving their country, as you do. They deserve basic respect, even if you cannot trust them enough to let them walk free. And THEN the commander-in-chief would address the general public, explaining the incident and how it was addressed. "I think they'll be taken care of" is insulting to us and should be humiliating to you. Don't think about it. Fucking TAKE CARE OF IT yourself and then come talk to us.

(/rant) Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

EDIT: It gets worse before it gets better; this article states that many newspapers did not run the photos or the story for several days. Propaganda sheets, indeed. Here's the link to the actual article. NYTimes.com requires a registration, but it's painless. They will not spam you, ever. Go read it.



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