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The Tally Ho

Monday, May 31, 2004

Moving and the Warrior Diplomat

Today on the Brian Lehrer Show, retired General Anthony Zinni was a featured guest. While it was interesting, he did not criticize the president, he criticized the people around him that presented the president with the case and plans for Iraq. Zinni basically said that the president has a terribly difficult job and must rely on the people around him. It almost sounded as an attempt to separate Bush, his cabinet, and the Iraq war. How is the president not responsible for Iraq? He appointed these people. He chose to value their judgment. Therefore, he is ultimately responsible for the good and bad in Iraq. Blaming the neo-cons for dominating and steering policy does not change that fact of who the president is and what he signed off on. If Iraq continues to go in this direction, are we going read and hear more blame the underlings talk? I think this is sadly humorous because in 2000 I remember hearing Bush supporters rationalize voting for him by saying that “he will be getting great advice from the great cabinet that he is putting together.” Apparently this has reversed.

Tony and Terra finished packing their stuff for their move to San Diego, via a month long trip in Europe. They would have not made it on time today without help. T&T were two of the first three people that I met in New York (going to a Yankees game, actually). It is always hard to say goodbye – especially when you know you didn’t get to know people as much as you would have liked to. It makes me start to think about my own future. Chances are (or I should say I prefer) if or when I leave New York City I will stay in the Northeast or head West to Northern California. In any case, I wish them the best. They made my transition to New York easier… now I have friends in San Diego. The more friends I have in different places the better. Maybe Tony will post from Europe – but I wouldn’t count on it. Next the Snoozer moves...


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