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The Tally Ho

Tuesday, May 04, 2004


First, you have all probably read about the pictures of prisoner abuse at the hands of US soliders and the soldiers for hire (which is the second largest force in Iraq). Lets have a flashback to the October 2003 issue of The Atlantic Monthly. Mark Bowen (Black Hawk Down, Killing Pablo, and an Atlantic Cover story Tales of the Tyrant ) wrote an excellent article, The Dark Art of Interrogation.

Baseball: These are dark times. My Cubs and Red Sox seem to be losing their way. For Boston, it is understandable in some ways. Obviously, no Nomar or Trot Nixon for a few more weeks. With Todd Walker going from Beantown to the Chitown, the offense has struggled. Even with having a lack of offensive pop - the Red Sox losing four when you have Pedro, Schilling, and Wakefield is not good. Now for the Cubs, the bullpen hasn't been great this week, but the seem to be able to stay in first despite Farnesworth blowing two in three days. Borowski still has an ERA near 6, but La Troy Hawkins who was stolen from the Twins is still great. 2.13 ERA! As with the last three years, Cubs-BoSox world series. The end of times is near. And yes, as a New Yorker I do appreciate the Yanks. I will sit in the bleachers and cheer for them. And if they make the WS and it isn't against the Cubs I will likely be at the bar. Nick is a St. Louis fan...

Craig from NAAS sent me a great article about the West Side last night. Here is the link to the New York Times article "Obsessed". Also, here is another funny link C sent me.

Its been busy for everyone this time of year, but more after Friday I hope.

Update: Here is a link to an interview with Bowden about torture. I though of Nick because the first line starts with an Orwell quote.


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