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The Tally Ho

Saturday, April 17, 2004

People & Places

Juan, Nicky, and the Westside Writer

Where is Juan the Deerhunter? Maybe coming out of hiding will upset the utopia of Minneapolis.

I’ll be short b/c I have to work in the morning, but Nicky got me thinking about my own experience away from the homeland. New York is an island after all. There are natives, but many of us are transplants escaping what we knew or seeking something different. Nicky’s reasons for moving to Paris parallel my reasons for moving to New York. Part was an educational opportunity that I could not pass up while another part was for the cultural change. I would rather walk than drive. I prefer the interaction of public transit to the isolation of private transit. I prefer trains to automoblies and planes. I prefer commerce and residential to be mixed. I like crowds, fruit stands, kids with blaring headphones, men playing chess on the sidewalk, street venders selling books, ethnicities not my own, always having something new to do, and neighborhoods – which I have always desired. Sadly though, the world of Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles, and Circuit City has invaded. Oh yeah, and Times Square is lame, but you knew that. New York is no Paris and vise versa, but I think I understand somewhat how Nicky feels.

Nicky wrote about a classmate that publishes pieces on how rude the French are while she refuses to participate in her surrounding. Before I moved to New York I heard a lot of those same complaints, including my grandmother always asking me if people are getting shot here. Because I haven’t slept well for several days I decided not to go and see a friend’s new apartment in Seaford, Long Island. Instead I did some work and went to see Young Adam by myself. As I was walking out a woman with dark fiery tortoise shell glasses, short slightly graying hair, bronze colored scarf, and apparently no watch asked me what time it was. We struck up a conversation about film, which she revealed that she was a writer and described herself as a leftist that lived many years in Europe around the fall of the Berlin Wall. This writer is a hopper; she started in Dogville and thought it was terrible. She then went to see an hour of Good Bye Lenin before completing her night with the last hour of Young Adam. Meeting someone interesting is not all that uncommon if you like people.

Random: Radiohead and the Tindersticks have been in my head all day.


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