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The Tally Ho

Friday, April 16, 2004


A Rant on American Ignorance

I'm in Paris for seven months as an exchange student. At my school, there are five other Americans. Now, let's take a moment to reflect...there are six Americans at my school in Paris. Of the six Americans, I am the only one who studied a word of French (let alone spoke it) prior to coming. Now, while my French is far from satisfactory, I would have hoped that at least one other person would have thought, "I'm going to be in a country with a language other than American (as Americans don't speak REAL English), maybe I should learn something so that everyone doesn't have to adjust to me all of the time..." But, my criticisms of Americans are once again validated by my exchange student counterparts. Also, of the six Americans, I am the only one to make friends with French students. If you were in France, don't you think you might benefit from knowing French people? But, the other Americans sit together and either only talk to the other Americans or to other exchange students...exciting, isn't it? Oh wait, I forgot to mention that they don't eat French food, buy French clothes, or visit places in Paris beyond tourist attractions and their favorite part of the trip was their two trips to Amsterdam to see hookers and get high...what an impressive cultural experience. Apart from that, one American girl, who can't seem to remove her "valley girl" tone from even her writing, writes a monthly column in the school newspaper which consistently criticizes the French for being smelly, pushy, and ignorant. Needless to say, my French girlfriend has had about all of the American ignorance that she can handle. I'm afraid that my leave from the security of the "Homeland" will be too short. Thus, I am already planning my return to Europe to escape the perils of my humble, but sometimes ignorant midwestern home. Maybe I just haven't met enough of the right Americans.


(Vendredi 16/4/04, 21:11pm)


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