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The Tally Ho

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A Few

Things on my mind

I am having my second Saranac Pale Ale as I type. I should have had these drinks last night when our President was giving what I think was a speech followed by a press conference. Now I know he isn’t the great orator of our time, but I didn’t even think he understood what he was saying – at least not with any real depth or understanding/expertise. He sounded like he knew the surface points, but nothing else. Where is the plan for handing over Iraq in 80 days? Stay the course? The course to what exactly? Some people mock him, but I think BushCo actually uses the media rather well; lack of press conferences but seem to always be in the news, the ones that are all basically scripted – and they all omit Helen Thomas from asking questions and even being there – and they let you know what their talking points are. At first I thought it was a total bomb, but as I surfed from blog to blog (and not just political blog), I found many places where they said he showed strength, toughness, and resolve. I was baffled to say the least. I thought of my brother and how he once said that they could strangle babies and still get votes. Point being, my fermented happiness should have been saved for last night – and I already decided that I am voting for John F. Kerry anyway.

Back to my original point of this, I am at a crossroads. What to do? 1) Find a new job. 2) Back to school for a Doctorate or second masters. 3) Try to work in Scotland.

Problem is I am happy living in New York City and being on the East Coast. I don’t really want to live anywhere else. But I also would like to live and work overseas for a bit. If I see my brother and father and god-brother three times a year anyway, what is the difference? At least in New York I get to see my aunt and her cat her cat several times a month. But Scotland sounds interesting. After all, my father and brother are getting married this summer – it’s the season for change.


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